WEST staff participates in several local and regional groups within the San Luis Valley.  

We are active participants in the San Luis Valley Wetlands Focus Area group which is comprised of landowners, biologists, directors of agencies, and managers of wetland areas throughout the area. A total of four North American Waterfowl Grants have been funded through the support of this group for projects across the San Luis Valley and across agencies.

Currently Colorado State Engineer is promulgating new rules and regulations for the San Luis Valley groundwater resources.  As active wetland managers utilizing resources from artesian wells and surface water we have attended the monthly meetings to better understand the process and how our management capabilities may be changed in the future.

The Wetland Managers Working Group was initiated to provide a forum for wetland managers throughout the San Luis Valley to communicate about a variety of issues including management and monitoring plans, promote valley-wide management, and waterfowl population patterns, to name a few.
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